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Kazu Sakamoto, JJ1WTK
Ham radio since 1976
QTH : Amagasaki, Hyogo, JAPAN
JCC: 2703
Loc: PM74qr
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= Sound files(.mp3) of AO-40 FEC Coded Telemetry, captured with AO40Rcv written by AE4JY and converted into mp3 =
1a. Orbit 1194 2003 June 7 0300z 3.6MB (mp3)57.6MB (wav)
2003 June 7 0419z 87kB (mp3) 1.4MB (wav)
2. Orbit 1299 2003 Aug 30 0406-0449z 2.7MB (mp3) 44.4MB (wav) SQ 48->96 deg.
3a. Orbit 1319 2003 Sep 15 0101-0131z 1.8MB (mp3) 28.9MB(wav) SQ 30->35 deg.
2003 Sep 15 0131-0200z 1.8MB (mp3) 28.3MB (wav) SQ 35->43 deg.
2003 Sep 15 0200-0230z 1.8MB (mp3) 28.5MB (wav) SQ 43->58 deg.
2003 Sep 15 0230-0259z 1.9MB (mp3) 30.7MB (wav) SQ 58->109 deg.

= Sound files(.mp3) of AO-40 conventional (non-FEC coded) Telemetry, captured with AO40Rcv written by AE4JY and converted into mp3 =
11. Orbit 1200 2003 June 11 2306z 110kB (mp3) 1.8MB (wav)
12a. Orbit 1308 2003 Sep 5 1430-1450z 1.3MB (mp3) 21.7MB (wav) SQ 98->71 deg.
12b.@ 2003 Sep 5 1451-1545z 3.3MB (mp3) 52.1MB (wav) SQ 71->45 deg.
12c.@ 2003 Sep 5 1547-1646z 3.6MB (mp3) 57.6MB (wav) SQ 45->34 deg.
13. Orbit 1324 2003 Sep 19 1440-14xxz 2.5MB (mp3) 2.6MB (wav) bare patch, no dish, low elevation,
however low squint angle, then system works
14. Orbit 1354 2003 Oct 12 1410-1413z 145kB (mp3) 2.3MB (wav)

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